SIA Approved Retailers

When buying new snowsports equipment, it’s best to do some research to make sure you're investing in gear that’s just right for you. Naturally, there’s lots of information available on the internet, but there’s simply nothing to beat one on one advice from an expert who can ask you all the right questions to help you decide what will work best for you.

SIA Approved Retailers provide an expert service to the discerning customer – whether newcomer, developing intermediate or advanced participant, or even an ‘old hand’.

At an SIA Approved Retailer, you can be sure to find passionate staff that are totally committed to their sport and happy to share their knowledge about it with you.

They will love to have a yarn about where you’re going - and where they’ve been in their own Snowsports journey. And they’ll give you expert service and whatever advice they can to help you on your way.

An SIA Approved Retailer:

  • Is an SIA Australia Retail Member
  • Has ‘bricks and mortar’ retail shop premises
  • Is a specialist in the Snowsports goods being sold in the store
  • Maintains a professional interest in developments in the Snowsports industry
  • Tests equipment at every opportunity
  • Has trained, committed and qualified sales staff available to give the best possible advice and guidance
  • Has trained and qualified technicians & fitters available to set up and personalise equipment for customers’ individual needs
  • Invests in staff training
  • Can provide or advise on rental equipment
  • Can provide or advise on the maintenance of equipment


Look out for the sticker in store, or ask your retailer if they are an SIA Approved Retailer.

Find your nearest Approved Retailer on our complete list HERE